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Consider your open source vulnerabilities sealed.

Redefine open source vulnerability and patch management with Seal Security


"Seal Security's solution has been transformative in helping us secure our open source dependencies. It empowers our security teams with standalone patches, enabling prompt resolution of critical and high security issues. Implementing this solution has been instrumental in maintaining FedRAMP compliance. Their approach has allowed us to handle vulnerabilities associated with CentOS EoL packages, and reinforce our existing protections."

The first generative AI solution for automated, scalable open source vulnerability remediation

Integrate easily

Easy integration directly into your existing SDLC, and workflows.

One click to Seal

Standalone security patches for immediate resolution of critical security issues.

Streamline remediation

Predictable remediation and optimal resource allocation, with centralized control and reduced R&D dependency.

Elevate the security posture of your organization

Streamline your open source vulnerability remediation without introducing the risk of breaking changes. Say goodbye to alert fatigue and start patching with Seal Security.

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Strengthen your supply chain

Patch open source vulnerabilities in both direct and transitive dependencies without breaking your code.

Secure legacy and third-party apps

Address vulnerabilities in hard-to-patch applications, even those beyond your control. Streamline the process of fixing security issues in obsolete code and resolving vulnerabilities from out-of-date third-party vendors.

Remediate open source vulnerabilities as part of your CI/CD

Audit and remediate vulnerabilities while verifying the code’s integrity using CLI.

Secure containers and base images

Apply security patches to containers and base images to ensure business operations are not disrupted, eliminating the need to compromise between security and stability.

Elevate your product's security posture with Seal Security

Pass every product security scan with confidence. Seal Security provides immediate remediation for open source vulnerabilities. By meeting your customers' SLAs and offering a vulnerability-free product, you can ensure customer trust and fortify your market standing.
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Ecosystem support and integrations

Seal Security seamlessly integrates with various coding languages, patch management systems, and open source platforms through powerful APIs, and CLI. Navigate your open source journey with unparalleled protection and compliance.

A tailored solution for both security teams & developers

Security Teams
Leverage an open source patch management solution with a security-first approach.
Remediate over 95% of critical and high severity vulnerabilities from the last five years
Achieve faster MTTR
Easily integrate with existing security tools, including Snyk
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Manage open source dependencies on autopilot, ensuring timely updates and code security without compromising application stability.
Access 100s of tested open source standalone patches
Eliminate the hassle and interruptions associated with security concerns
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