Consider your open source vulnerabilities SEALED

Redefine open source vulnerability and patch management with Seal Security

A new age for open source patch management

Quick resolution

Standalone security patches for immediate resolution of critical security issues  

Guided instructions

Coming soon In-depth patching instructions - save valuable time understanding the patch impact

Stay updated 

Automatic code-refactoring of your code to adapt to evolving open source components you integrate

Achieve better security and code hygiene 

Secure containers and base images
Manage vulnerabilities and patch management
Ensure SLSA compliance
Integrate with existing security and developer tool
Audit and remediate using a CLI
Get informed about the patches you apply

Ecosystem support and partnerships

Seal Security seamlessly integrates with various coding languages, patch management systems, and open source platforms through innate partnerships, a powerful API, and CLI. Navigate your open source journey with unparalleled protection and compliance.

A tailored solution for both security teams & developers


Security teams

Leverage an open source patch management solution with a security-first approach.

Demonstrate actionable improvement in patching coverage
Achieve faster MTTR
Easily integrate with existing security tools, including Snyk
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Manage open source dependencies on autopilot, ensuring timely updates and code security without compromising application stability.

Access over 100 tested open source standalone patches
Eliminate the hassle and interruptions associated with security concerns
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