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Open source security for teams of all sizes

Secure your personal projects or discover our solution
Access to patches
Up to 10 projects
Limited support
GitHub integration
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Tailored for small businesses and teams

All Free features plus
Immediate access to patches
Support critical and high severity vulnerabilities from 2019 in JavaScript, Python, Go, C#, and Java
Up to 50 projects
(Option to purchase additional quota)
Chat-based support
No SLA obligations
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Security at scale for large businesses and enterprises

All Teams features plus
Extended support for lower severity vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities from before 2019
Custom integrations handcrafted for your use cases
24/7 phone support 
(on-site/local options are available)
SLA obligations
Cyber insurance and liability
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At Seal Security we’re devoted to giving developers and AppSec teams the best possible user experience, and product value. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at!

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