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"It's rewarding to be part of a team that not only solves problems but also streamlines the development process. I have the opportunity to work on solutions that genuinely address the challenges faced by many organizations. What I appreciate most is our ability to reduce the time and effort developers spend patching open source issues, allowing them to focus on building better products without security concerns."

Amit Agam

Software Engineer

"Being a part of Seal Security is to be at the heart of innovation in open-source vulnerability remediation, where our forward-thinking approach and dynamic teamwork shape the future of application security."

Judith Wahnon


"I've found that the most important thing, besides good food, is good company. Here, I'm part of an awesome team that not only challenges me to grow but also makes every day an enjoyable experience."

Ben Bader

Senior Software Engineer

"Working here is an exciting journey, filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to building a safer digital ecosystem."

Shaked Shauli

DevOps Lead

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LLM Engineer

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Open Source Engineer

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Senior Frontend Engineer

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Senior Backend Engineer

Tel-Aviv, Israel


UX-UI Product Designer

Tel-Aviv, Israel


Senior Account Executive

US - Remote

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