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Your go-to solution for simplified open source vulnerability remediation

Effortlessly safeguard both direct and transitive open source dependencies with our curated open source repository of secure, sealed libraries. Enhance your security without the risk of breaking changes.

Streamlines the maintenance of security patches, effortlessly eliminating vulnerability backlog and associated technical debt.

Discover vulnerability
One click to seal package in all repos
Automatically track deployment
Mean time to resolution hours

End-to-end open source supply chain security

Secure containers and base images

Comprehensive support for RPM-based distributions, ensuring your images pass all major vulnerability scanners.

Cloud native artifact server with access to patches  

Fully compatible security patches, enabling remediation in both direct and transitive dependencies.

Cryptographically signed patches 

Every piece of open source code is cryptographically verified to ensure compliance with rigorous industry standards.

Centralized control over the remediation process

Organization-wide fixes, eliminating the need for multiple repository updates.

Robust CI/CD Security Posture

Maintain your security policy's posture at every stage of the pipeline without hindering deployment.

Standalone Security Patches

Get standalone security patches in five programming languages

Ecosystem support and integrations

Seal Security seamlessly integrates with various coding languages, patch management systems, and open source platforms through powerful APIs, and CLI. Navigate your open source journey with unparalleled protection and compliance.

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