Consider Your Open Source Vulnerabilities SEALED

Seal Security is enabling organizations to automate and scale their open source vulnerability remediation giving
security teams centralized control over the vulnerability patching process, without requiring involvement from
R&D. This empowers organizations to simplify their security patch management, and eliminate vulnerability
backlog and associated technical debt.

Streamline your open source vulnerability remediation without introducing the risk of breaking changes.
Say goodbye to alert fatigue and start patching with Seal Security.

  • Remediate over 95% of critical andhigh vulnerabilities
  • Meantime to resolution: hours
  • Achieve Scalability
  • Prevent productivity loss
  • Significantly reduce busywork
  • Eliminate need for R&D involvement

Discover how Seal Security can transform your approach to open source vulnerability and patch management. Download our brochure to discover the full advantages of and services provided by Seal Security.

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