Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform’s Journey to Becoming FedRAMP Compliant

A leading player in the cybersecurity asset management industry faces significant challenges due to recurring vulnerabilities during their FedRAMP certification audit.

Achieving FedRAMP compliance is crucial for the company to service a vast market of government clients. The company utilizes two Linux distributions, currently hindering their compliance due to critical and high-level security vulnerabilities related to third-party libraries. The update process for these third-party fixes would take months to release updates.

Read the case study to learn how Seal Security:

  • Provided patched versions for all open-source vulnerabilities required by FedRAMP within the first weeks of use and on a continuous basis
  • Helped the organization pass the FedRAMP audit for their Linux distributions without the need for costly upgrades or migrations

Download the case study now to see how Seal Security enabled the cybersecurity asset management company to achieve FedRAMP compliance and secure their systems effectively.

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